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Museum Of Jewish Montreal Call for Exhibition Proposals: 2019/20 Programming

The Museum of Jewish Montreal invites artists and collectives to submit their proposed exhibition projects for the Museum’s 2019-2020 exhibition series inside/out

Deadline: February 10, 2019 at 11:59pm (Montreal time/Eastern Time Zone)

Extended Deadline: February 24, 2019 at 11:59pm (Montreal time/Eastern Time Zone)

About the museum

The  Museum of Jewish Montreal (MJM)  is a not-for-profit organization that explores and shares the diverse histories and experiences of Montreal’s Jewish community. Through innovative, multidisciplinary programming, our museum provides an accessible gateway for people across Canada to learn about and interact with Montreal’s Jewish culture, art and heritage while also enabling the public to share their stories and experiences.

Founded in 2010, our Museum’s activities include walking tours of historic Jewish neighbourhoods and buildings, online exhibits, oral history collection, public programming and exhibitions. In 2016, we opened a storefront project space that houses a gallery, boutique and food and event space where we host dozens of art, heritage and cultural events each year.


About the theme: Inside/Out

The 2019/2020 arts programming theme at the Museum of Jewish Montreal broadly takes as its starting point discussions of what exists or is generated “inside,” that which is associated with or exists “outside,” and/or breaching the binary of these two concepts to turn them “inside out.” Rather than limiting, this thematic basis seeks to enable the artistic exploration of varied concepts, from those anchored in the canon of art history (such as the sacred and profane, the pastoral and the industrial, internal reflection and transgressive gaze, etc.) to newer questions in research-creation and museum studies (such as investigating where digital art exists, the space between the museum and other spheres, environmental concerns, identity narratives, etc.).


Suggested starting points for thinking about Inside/Out include, but are not limited to:

  • The Natural and the Artificial, such as environments or experiences that are real, virtual, imagined, imposed, or inherited.
  • Belonging and un-belonging, whether in relation to identity, social or familial realms, in physical spaces, and/or questioning inclusivity/exclusivity
  • Interiors and exteriors, whether environmental, corporeal, or representational such as idea of ‘home’, portraiture and the inner self, what exists in the space between inside and out, personal and public, and/or real and imagined.
  • Individual & group mythologies, with special interest in internalized mythologies, encounters with new or “Other” mythologies, Jewish mythology, Montreal mythologies, myth-making, and the influence of myths on the individual & identity
  • Questions pertaining to the “confines” of the Museum: Where is the Museum? What is the Museum? Works that seek to turn the Museum “inside out” are especially encouraged.


To submit:

Deadline: February 10, 2019 at 11:59pm (Montreal time/Eastern Time Zone)
Deadline: February 24, 2019 at 11:59pm (Montreal time/Eastern Time Zone)

Email to:

Subject Line: 2019/20 Exhibition Proposal: Last Name, First Name

Exhibition proposal packages should be sent as a single PDF file. (max 25MB)


All applicants will receive a confirmation of received proposals. Selected participants will be notified in February 2018. All artist fees are compensated following CARFAC guidelines for exhibitions.


The Museum of Jewish Montreal encourages diversity and welcomes applicants from all backgrounds.


Please note: the Museum of Jewish Montreal has a limited amount of time to review each submission and greatly appreciates all applications that are complete and presented in a clear and organized manner. Applications that are incomplete or do not adhere to the guidelines will not be considered.


Personal Information

  1. Name:
  2. Brief Biography: (100-250 words):
  3. Link to Website or previous work:
  4. CV (Max 2 pages per person)


Proposed Gallery Project

  1. Proposed Project Title:
  2. Project Summary/Abstract. 250 words max. What is the concept?
  3. Type of media. e.g. photography, installation, media arts, etc.
  4. Project description. 500 words max. 
  5. How is your project related to the Museum of Jewish Montreal’s mandate and the 2019-2020 exhibition series Inside/Out? 250 words max.
  6. How will your project be set up in the space and how will visitors interact with it? 100 words max, please list in point form. (Please familiarize yourself with the space. Our museum contains a boutique and cafe. See floorplan for reference.)
  7. Technical Description: e.g. materials and technical equipment needed to present your work. Please specify if you will be providing the equipment or if you will need support from the museum to source any materials/equipment (please list in point form)
  8. Special assistance needs: e.g. help for set-up, technical assistance, research assistance, additional people needed for presentation/performance, etc.
  9. Supplemental Programming. 250 words max. (Are there any workshops, panels/talks or events you would like propose in conjunction with your exhibition proposal?)
  10. External Funding: (if applicable: do you have any secured external funding? Will you be applying for supplemental grants?)

Supporting Documents

  • Include a descriptive list of supporting documents including: number, title, medium,  dimensions/duration, location (city, country), year.
  • Up to 10 supporting documents of proposed project as well as recent works. These can be 10 images or a combination of images and up to 5 video or audio excerpts (via url links, max length 2 minutes, please provide password(s), if applicable.) Identify each image or link with a number and title corresponding to the descriptive list.


Press: include links to any press reviews

Budget: budget does not provide for travel, housing, or accommodation costs. All costs in CAD.