1001 lights


Scintillements | 1001 Lights consists of individually documented Shabbat candle-lighting ceremonies playing in syncopation with each other. Forming the crux of the film’s visuals is a fluid hand gesture choreography in response to these individual ceremonies. The 15-minute piece is projected on a loop in the late afternoon and evening hours onto the street-level windows of the Museum of Jewish Montreal, located in the heart of the Plateau at the corner of boul. St. Laurent and Duluth. During the day, the piece will be on display in an intimate projection room where visitors can experience the entirety of the piece while listening to the score on headphones


Marlene Millar and Philip Szporer comprise the Montreal-based independent film, video, and new media company Mouvement Perpétuel, which produces impressionistic dance-media films, arts documentaries and multi-channel video installations.


Jan 28 2018 - Apr 22 2018


All Day


Musée du Montréal juif | Museum of Jewish Montreal
4281 St. Laurent blvd.