Miss Mitzvah


Miss Mitzvah is an ongoing interactive installation and storytelling project which explores Bat Mitzvahs and coming-of-age rituals within a consumer-driven culture. Collecting narratives from young women in New York and Montreal through hands-on workshops and interviews, this first installation of the collection at the Museum of Jewish Montreal consists of an archive of real Bat Mitzvah dresses, invitations, photographs, and other genuine relics from various simchas, which we invite you to explore.

About the Artist

Zoe Penina Baker is an emerging New York artist working with interactive installations to tell stories and explore themes of Jewish female identity. To explore her past and current work, please visit www.zoepeninbaker.net


Nov 16 2017 - Jan 20 2018


All Day


Musée du Montréal juif | Museum of Jewish Montreal
4281 St. Laurent blvd.