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Program: Museum Community Clubs Initiative

Project Timeframe: September-December 2021

Funding Amount: $1,000 per club

Application Deadline: Monday, August 23rd, 2021

The Museum of Jewish Montreal is thrilled to announce the launch of our new Museum Community Clubs Initiative. This program seeks to support members of our community to independently create/lead clubs and activities they are excited about, and provide even more opportunities for individuals to explore new networks and authentically connect over shared interests.

By awarding funds up to 1,000$ we hope to empower individuals to organize and lead a club or regularly-occurring activity that encourages creative or cultural exploration and community building. In supporting these initiatives, we hope to fulfill our mission of being an innovative place to connect with Montreal’s Jewish life and identity, share our diverse heritage, and create new cultural experiences.

Proposed initiatives should meet the following eligibility guidelines:

  1. The initiative should be in the format of a recurring gathering around a particular topic, theme or skill
  2. The initiative should be collaboratively-led and should meet at least once every 6 weeks
  3. The initiative should be inclusive and accessible (i.e. it should not require significant prior knowledge or a specialized skill to participate)
  4. The initiative should connect to the Museum’s mission (see above in bold) in some capacity
  5. The initiative should create opportunities for connection and collaboration between participants
  6. The initiative should be self-sustaining. This means that the initiatives will be produced by the applicant and participants, (and not by the Museum). They should also hopefully continue beyond the initiative timeframe listed above.
  7. The core content of the initiative should be a product of participation and collaboration between initiative leaders and participants.

Proposed projects may include but are not limited to the following:

  1. A book club or reading group
  2. A film screening and discussion group
  3. A craft club
  4. A creative “Crit” club (writing or visual art)
  5. A cooking club
  6. An urban exploration club
  7. An inter-cultural meeting group
  8. A networking group

Initiatives may be proposed in groups of up to 3 people. Successful applicants are expected to plan, develop and launch their proposed initiative, with some planning and promotional support from a museum staff member. Approved candidate are encouraged to use funding to execute their project however they see fit, including compensating themselves or their collaborators for their time.

To apply, please submit a 1-2 (max) page proposal, briefly detailing: a) the goal or intent of the club/initiative, b) the club/initiative’s content and structure, c) the intended audience of the club/initiative, and d) what resources you anticipate needing to execute the initiative.

Please find a PDF of the application form below. Proposals are due Monday, August 23rd, 2021 at 11:59pm EST and should be emailed to Anya Kowalchuk at

MCC Application Form July 2021

MCC Call for Applicants July 2021