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Organization: The Museum of Jewish Montreal

Position: Oral History Fellowship

Location: 4040 Boulevard Saint Laurent, Montreal

Start Date: Wednesday September 25, 2019

End Date: Wednesday December 18, 2019

Application Deadline: Wednesday September 11, 2019


The Museum of Jewish Montreal –an innovative place to connect with Montreal’s diverse Jewish life and heritage through new cultural experiences – is seeking 8-10 talented individuals to take part in our oral history fellowship program. The Museum is excited to run this program for the fourth year in a row and provide individuals with an opportunity to learn about oral history theory and practice through a series of seminars and hands-on experience, as well as providing participants with the chance to contribute to the Museum’s oral history collection and build community through leadership and community organizing. Fellows will participate in an oral history training course and weekly or bi-weekly seminars (Wednesdays 5:30-7:30 PM), they will conduct approximately two oral histories each, and fellows will have the opportunity to work on a community-building outreach project or help us curate, plan, and run a storytelling event.


The ideal candidate is excited about the prospect of preserving personal stories that risk being lost, they should have an interest in grassroots story collection and empowerment through storytelling, and they should be keen to learn how to conduct an interview and use audio editing software. Furthermore, the ideal candidate is committed to community organizing and inter-generational relationship building, and they are eager to help the Museum develop a broader community around our oral history project.


Interested individuals may apply directly to the Museum of Jewish Montreal. Applicants must include a CV and a short cover letter explaining their interest in the fellowship program. All applications are due by Wednesday September 11 and should be emailed to Aviv Milgram at with the subject line “Oral History Fellowship.”