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How not to kill your houseplants with Plantbaby studio

Thu June 4, 2020 @ 17:30 - 18:30


The Museum of Jewish Montreal is thrilled to bring you Plantbaby studio’s “How not to kill your houseplants” workshop!

If you didn’t get a chance to see our exhibition “Snapshots from the Garden of Eden” by Dina Goldstein you are in luck! This workshop will begin with a brief slideshow of highlights from the exhibition while we learn to take care of our own gardens at home.

Plants grow out of the earth, yet they can thrive in our living rooms with just the water, light and soil we provide for them. They are living proof that we can evolve and adapt, even when we’re isolating within the four walls of our homes. They are our friends, teachers, therapists, air purifiers and they bring beauty to our homes. They’re also a bit tricky to keep alive.

This workshop —led by Jenny Morris of Plantbaby studio— will help you turn your black thumbs into green thumbs. Get ready to take your plant parenthood to the next level by understanding light, water and soil requirements for popular houseplants and how to identify and select the best plants for your home.

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This event is free and will be held via Zoom. You will receive further information on how to connect through Zoom upon registration.


If your succulents have gone gooey, your Ivy dried up, and your Fiddle Leaf Fig tree has lost all of it’s leaves — you’ll walk away from this workshop understanding why. Sometimes plants die because you love them too much (overwatering). Or they go brown because they’ve crisped in front of your South facing window. Whatever the cause, you’ll be a novice indoor gardener in no time.

We’ll cover light, water, soil, repotting, propagating, dealing with pests and troubleshooting when your plant friends are looking sad (plus a Q&A to ask all your burning questions).

Jenny Morris is the plant lady behind Plantbaby studio. She has taught dozens of workshops on house plant care throughout Toronto and is the proud plant mom to 33 thriving plants. Jenny loves working with her hands (and encouraging others to do this same!) being in nature and and has over ten years of experience keeping house plants alive in her home and professionally. She documents her plant obsession and jungle home on Instagram at @plantbabystudio.


Online via ZOOM


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